Napoleon Bee Supply

A small bee supplier out of Michigan needed a website refresh, desperately! Focusing strongly on eCommerce, I designed and built a modern and clean website to satisfy all their bee needs.
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Technologies Used

PHP, CSS, SASS, JS, ES6, Gulp, Foundation for Sites, HTML, WordPress, Git, GitHub

Render WP

This website is a showcase for a custom plugin that I developed called Render. Though the plugin itself is no longer in use, I am still proud of the website.
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Technologies Used

PHP, CSS, SASS, JS, Grunt, HTML, WordPress, Git, GitHub

Client Dash

This is a WordPress plugin that allows the user to completely customize the WordPress administrative portion of the website. I chose to showcase this mostly because of the fully React driven interface. It leverages React to create a clean, fast, interactive website app.
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Technologies Used

React, PHP, CSS, SASS, JS, ES6, Gulp, HTML, WordPress, Git, GitHub

Parallax Noise

This was a fun one! Parallax Noise is me and my wife's band. I needed to get a website up FAST; so I built this site in a couple of days! It's quite simplistic, but unique and clean with a fun, retro 8-bit vibe to it.
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Technologies Used

PHP, CSS, SASS, JS, Gulp, HTML, WordPress, Git, GitHub

Romay Corporation

This company is an industrial supplier of ceramic inserts. I wanted to keep the look professional, industrial, and minimal. Even though the client did not have the budget for a modern re-branding or higher quality photo assets, the site came out crisp, clean, and gets customers where they need to go.
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Technologies Used

PHP, CSS, SASS, JS, Gulp, HTML, WordPress, WooCommerce, Git, GitHub

Applegate Construction

This design mock never actually became a website, as the client had budget issues and employee turnover, but it was back in my early days of design and I'm still proud of it.
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Well, hopefully the above highlighted projects give you a glimpse into the work I do. My day-to-day typically consists of either diving deep into code for building custom websites and web-apps, or mocking up design assets for websites and branding. (I also designed and developed this website!)

Below you can find a laundry list of about everything I know and use!


Development is definitely more of what I do. I consider myself an expert in most modern web technologies. Almost all of my code is written with Object Oriented Principals, thorough documentation, and sensible architectural paradigms.


PHP, HTML (and HTML5), CSS (and CSS3), SASS, JavaScript (including ES6), JSON, MarkDown, Bash, YAML

Frameworks and Technologies

React (some Redux), jQuery, REST, SQL, Node, Gulp, Grunt, Webpack, Babel, Foundation for Sites, WordPress (custom theme and plugin development)

Tools & Applications

Git, GitHub, BitBucket, Slack, PHP Storm, iTerm, Sublime


I love working with designs. Coming up with a website design is one of my favorite things to do. Sometimes I forget to eat I get so into it! This website was fully designed by me as well.

Tools & Applications

Sketch (and Craft), InVision, Pixelmator, Photoshop and Illustrator (limited experience)


UX/UI Design, Full Website Mocks, Mobile and Responsive Web, User Driven Design
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